Ways to Help

  1. Cooking for meals:

To sign up for cooking/delivering food for our Saturday meals, please click here

2. Support us monthly:

We are still $1,000 away from our monthly goal to support our house and our guests. Monthly support helps us to afford our mortgage, utilities, and material needs for the house-not to mention it’s repair needs 🙂

3. Our item needs:

Updated on April 12, 2021

Most Immediate— Garden and Carpentry Tools
– 10 folding chairs and 2 folding tables
– WiFi extender
– Medium to large cooking skillets
– Lowes, Menards, or Ace gift cards for house repairs and supplies
Continual needs:-Toilet Paper
-Laundry detergent
-Cleaning supplies (bathroom, kitchen, ect.)
-NO MORE MILK! Thanks to Picket Fence Creamery, we get tons!
-Postage Stamps
Tools– Splitting maul and Chainsaw
– Woodworking tools: saws, planers, sanders, ect.
– Reciprocating saw
– Shovels, hand tools
– Household tools: tape measures, screwdrivers, rachets, handheld tools, ect.
Kitchen– Large Pressure cooker
– Grill or smoker?
Large Furniture– Chest of drawers for bedrooms (2)
– 4 folding tables for Saturday meals and future outdoor hospitality
Chapel– Altar crucifx
– Altar main cloth
– Oscar Romero prints/photos
– Liturgy of the Hours breviaries (10+)
Outdoor– Outdoor dining tables
– Wood for outdoor swing
– Plants and Trees for backyard landscaping
– Firewood for winter wood stove
– Deck and Fence Stain
Items for Guests– Mens socks
– Mens underwear (unused please)
– Mens pants (sizes 30W-40Waist)
– Mens Winter wear
Food Items– Really anything in bulk 🙂
– Coffee and tea
– Baking supplies
– Flour, bread flour, sugar, yeast, ect.
– Spices, herbs, oils, sauces
– Dairy products (cream, yogurt, cheese)

Have something not listed above? Email us

Well…these are more just wants, not necessarily needs:

  • Cajon (sitting drum)
  • Banjo

Up and Coming Household Projects (in order of priority):

  1. Exhaust Fan for kitchen and bathroom
  2. Piano Tuning
  3. Handrail installation
  4. Bathroom tile grouting

If you would like to volunteer your time or expertise, please contact us at (515) 337-1152. We are especially interested in contractors with specific skills.

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