Ames Catholic Worker House

The Ames Romero House is a community of people who seek to live sustainably, creatively, and in solidarity with those in our Ames community seeking refuge or spiritual sanctuary.

Our Mission

We invite those transitioning from homelessness, incarceration, or inadequate/unstable housing to stay with us and be part of a safe, stable home. There is no rent, judgement, and no expectations; only love, acceptance, and peace. Our mission stems from the encounter with the human person and our belief that the intrinsic dignity Jesus preaches is a love for each person in action.

What do we do?

We are a sustainable, independent group striving to cultivate a strong community of brotherhood. Our community extends farther than our home to include families, singles, and clergy. We offer a meal on Saturday evening to the greater public where everyone can participate and eat. Those who stay with us are welcomed with food, shelter, and clothing, but are encouraged to participate in the day to day operations of keeping the house.

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Our weekly Saturday meal at the house. Outside and at a distance, we can still be social.

What does our home look like?

We believe in preserving and respecting the dignity of each human being. Our home is open to all men who simply apply. If we have a bed and resources for you, you are welcome. Keeping the mission of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, we hope to celebrate mass weekly (and hopefully in-person) together with others outside the house welcome. Respecting boundaries and religious preferences, we will also have morning prayer and an evening silent hour in the chapel of our home. We eat

together every night and occasionally follow it up with banjo or guitar jam session. Artistic expression is also part of our mission! Our resources include transportation, assistance in job searching and documentation needs, night by night stay, meals, showers, laundry, ect. Our house has few regulatory rules other than respecting each and every human being. We do have some behavioral rules to maintain boundaries with our guests and residents.home look like?

How can you help?

If you are interested in supporting our mission in a financial way, please contact us via email or phone. We would like to hear why you want to participate in our mission. Supporting us can be done through this website on the ‘Donate’ tab.

The primary need for our household is a strong fellowship and the presence of others that seek to help those who ask for it. We welcome people to come cook, clean, EAT, work on the house, provide transportation, or just hang out with us. You are free to attend mass when celebrated as well as other events including our weekly meal on Saturday evening. Most importantly, we need YOUR prayer. None of this is possible without it. Please keep the household and the mission in your prayer.

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